Win an Alaskan family home!


Please send essay with name and phone number, self addressed stamped envelope,and $100.00 entry fee pay to the order of Laurel Carlin. 

P.O box 73657,
Fairbanks, A.K 99707-3657
My parents are having a essay contest to win our
family home! This house is just to much house for the 2 of them since all of us kids moved out... THIS IS AN ALTERNATIVE WAY TO SELLING YOUR HOME BY CONTEST!! All you need to do is send a essay with 500 words or less about why you or SOMEONE YOU KNOW that deserves or NEEDS this home, maybe you recently lost your home or job, or maybe just the bad economy in general has effected your life, SUPER STORM SANDY? Or maybe you live in a 1 bedroom apt with 5 kids. It will NOT be judged by grammer or spelling, it will be judged by the sincere need/reason... Whatever the reason, with your essay and a entry fee of $100.00 your dreams could come true! If we do not receive 3000 entries(not to exceed 3500) before the end date of April 30th the contest will be void and you will be refunded your $100.00 fee, if we do receive at least 3000 entries by the end date, my parents will pick and POST THE TOP TEN FINALIST and let YOU the Facebook voters do the rest!! Whoever gets the most "likes" or "votes" by May 20th WILL own a HUGE family home in Fairbanks, Alaska FREE AND CLEAR of mortgage, liens or any back taxes to do what they want with.. HOW EXCITING IS THIS? !!! This is not a hoax or a scam. We are honest people and will be doing everything %100 legal and legit. No family of ours, immediate or extended can apply. Friends or associates are urged not to enter however each entry will be given the same thought and attention and this is why we left the final voting up to Facebook... We hope YOU tell ANYONE and everyone that you think could be a good candidate!!! This is a chance for us to help a person or family start a new chapter, while helping our family close one, leaving this house in this way would be a perfect ending. 

Now a little bit about the home and the town in which it sits. This is a 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath 2800 sqf home built in the 70s but completely remodeled. It has a finished basement and laundry room, a large attached garage which features a efficiency apartment above the garage with it's own kitchenette, 1/2 bathroom and separate entrance with LARGE deck, Can be rented out for 500 a month. The home sits on a Fully Fenced 10943 sq foot lot (quarter acre?) ,in a well established neighborhood of Aurora Subdivision. Taxes run about $3000 a year and are paid up to date. The home backs into a patch of woods , there is a paved bike path which connects to a local park and Ann Wien Elementary school also neighboring Randy Smith middle school, your kids could walk to school and never have to cross a road! This is a great neighborhood my grandparents are in their 80s and they have lived there since the early 1960s, they will be just up the road from YOUR NEW HOUSE. My mother and her siblings grew up in that neighborhood and me and my siblings did as well. We will be sad to see the house go but now that us kids are all grown up, it is way to much house for just my parents and it's time for the house to have new people to make happy and give a lifetime of memories to. Fairbanks is a THRIVING community and is the second largest city in Alaska with an International Airport (FIA), Hospital
(FMH), A military base (Fort Wainwright) an Air force base close by in (EAFB) Plenty of great schools,churches,Movie Theatre, Walmart, Lowes, Home depot,plenty of banks and JOBS! Pretty much everything one would need but also when you want to get away from it all, there are thousands of miles to be explored at your feet. Some of the best hunting and fishing in the world, an outdoor enthusiasts dream. This is someones dream and we want to help make it happen! 
Don't wait there is a cap on entries and I don't want you to miss your chance! 

Please visit our facebook page for more, you do not have to have Facebook to enter...

Good luck and God Bless you, Tish 

Here is a short newsclip of the story on KTVF Channel 11 News!   Please share the video with your freinds and social networks! Thanks for your support! 

 Fairbanks, Alaska